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“&yet has nearly single-handedly made realtime web programming accessible to the average developer.”

Alex Sexton, Stripe

A few ways we could team up

WebRTC: the hard parts

We've created a suite of open tools for building modern communication apps. Run and scale WebRTC on your own servers? We can help make it a reality. And when it comes to the hard side of WebRTC: native clients, TURN/STUN servers, we've got you covered.

Help you win with Node

Node can help your company deliver software fast—and we can help. Our team has been shipping production Node apps and APIs for enterprise customers since 2010. We're core contributors to Hapi.js, the Enterprise framework for Node.

JavaScript apps

We'd love to help you create rich desktop and mobile applications with JavaScript. We can offer advice, provide training, or ship your software. Ampersand.js, our non-frameworky framework, can help you build great products.


There's no doubt. OAuth is a challenging technology to work with, but with many benefits. We can help you rapidly deploy your own OAuth service and add powerful functionality using our turnkey solutions.

We've worked with some great teams

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Every couple weeks, we send a dispatch covering the things &yet does and has learned, and we want you to be part of it.

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&yet is about people.

Our goal is to do work we're proud of with people we respect and love. &yet's employees don't work for the business—the business works for us.

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