Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

Chief Security Officer/Director de Seguridad

Adam entered the world of hacking way back when he was a wee slip of a lad. Because when you live in a town whose major pastimes are farming and gossip, breaking into a BBS can seem like great fun.

Right up until you get caught.

Which he did.

The BBS owner, having discovered that some kid had brute-forced his passwords for funsies, declined to press charges against Adam, and instead did the next best thing: offered him a job. Under that long-ago sensei’s tutelage, Adam learned the ways of hacking and of reverse engineering, awakening a love for breaking things. Which he does in an instinctual fashion that sometimes blows mind and defies explanation. In his opinion, the only thing better than the moment when he’s given something to crack is that beautiful moment when




It’s a very good thing Adam is a good guy*, because he is adept in assessing and securing Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, and PHP web apps, as well as providing expertise on secure application design and performing penetration testing at key project points prior to and after launch.

(All of which is equally as impressive as it sounds, incidentally).

When he’s not experiencing the beauty of winning, Adam is spending time with his equally lovely family and giving speeches on web security at like all the conferences ever.

EXTRA CREDIT: It turns out that the movie Hackers was only half-right. Because even though Adam doesn’t own a pair of roller blades, he can totally pick a lock.

*just don’t click on any links from him.

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