Nathan Fritz

Chief Architect

&yet wouldn’t even be a software company if it weren’t for Fritzy’s vision.

Of course, his out-of-the-blue suggestion over IM that &yet should hire him and build software may have been a joke, but we’ll never know because it’s turned into a wonderful ride so far.

Nathan is a recognized messaging expert and is the author of popular open source XMPP libraries in three languages (XMPPHP, SleekXMPP, and Seesmic-AS3-XMPP). His libraries are featured in code examples used in XMPP: The Definitive Guide from O’Reilly Publishing. Nathan is a former member of the XSF Council, the guiding body for the XMPP Standards Foundation.

Fritzy serves as &yet’s software architect, pioneering new techniques and helping identify new directions for exploration. Recently, he’s been doing some very interesting things with Redis.

When he’s not whiteboarding a fresh idea or slamming together a mind-blowing proof-of-concept, he can be found playing Minecraft with his kids.

Nathan is a wonderfully caring friend and a great dad. You’ll see his amazing soft side come out if you’re struggling or if you spot him with his family.

&yet fun fact: Nathan actually leased &yet its real first office space. A small 8 x 10 office was shared by Fritzy, Adam, and guess who: Gar! (Who was Fritzy’s employee at the time.)

&yet is about people.

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