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Monster illustration

Learn to make modular JS creations as human as possible

Breathing life into a new app is exhilarating...until you realize (to your growing horror) that you’ve created a monster.

We have nothing against monsters. But when your code starts sprouting arms and legs (and MORE arms and MORE legs), that sweet creation that used to be so friendly and manageable becomes a 3,000 line jumble of appendages that no one can figure out how to stop.

But what if you could make your code more...human? While simultaneously infusing it with supernatural strength, clarity, and maintainability?

Based on the principles presented in Henrik Joreteg’s Human JavaScript, Human JavaScript: LIVE! is a two-day, intensive JavaScript workshop and training experience designed to help you write code that is easier to understand and maintain, improving code collaboration and team communication along the way.

You’ll be able to make higher-quality software, faster, as you learn to make great choices in the way you build your apps.

“Learning by doing, not by listening to lectures! I really appreciated the format. Overall, this whole thing was really amazing.”
Previous workshop student
“I had a blast. This will surely be the most memorable training I will ever be a part of and I wish it was longer!”
Past shining pupil

What you’ll learn at Human JavaScript: LIVE!

Human JavaScript: LIVE! will provide a strong foundation for building amazing web app experiences.

You’ll deepen your understanding of the philosophies that inform good decisions with your app and its structure.

You’ll learn how to embrace modularity and separation of concerns using tools and approaches that make loosely coupled creations a dream to maintain as a team.

You’ll gain confidence in adding features to your app without adding complexity and overcome fears of creating something unmaintainable and confusing.

No magic frameworks. No monolithic toolkits. You’re going to work with proper, real-life, JavaScript in a way you’ll understand, with modules that perform clear functions, and with explanations that help you learn how to make great choices as you build your apps.

And you’ll have one hell of a lot of fun.

We’ll cover:

  1. building advanced single page apps from scratch—with only a working knowledge of JS as a prerequisite
  2. transitioning from backbone to ampersand with discrete browserify modules
  3. structuring a single page app for clarity and maintainability, with clear separation of concerns
  4. working with npm modules
  5. managing pages, views, and subviews, and powerful data binding
  6. adding realtime to your app
  7. working with forms

And, you can do it all as a team

Great software isn’t written by one brilliant mad scientist, it’s written by teams. You’ll learn techniques for producing collaborative code that looks like it was written by one person. Which means much less screaming-in-terror from the developers who have to work with it later (even if that person is you).

“It was awesome. I’ve never felt so engaged while learning something. Training often tends to be on the boring side, but I was exfooterd to see what you guys had in store for us next.”
Another satisfied student

More chances to experience the adventure!

Because we'd like to keep the class size of Human JavaScript: LIVE! on the smaller side and give more people an opportunity to attend, we've added a few new dates. Each class will have the same training experience and access to the same content; choose a date that works best for your schedule.

Two unforgettable days of training
including meals and lodging, for $1650

Upcoming Sessions

January 2015

Richland, WA

Details TBD

Introducing our patented* JavaScript humanization process

*not patented

This training experience is not a place for high-flying theory and mere note-taking; it is a completely interactive workshop.

You’ll build a single-page app, from the ground up, in a modular way, using best practices we’ve created and use every day at &yet.

Each line of code you write will be explained and you’ll have plenty of time for questions.

And in the end, you will not have created a will have created a friend (a friend who is also infinitely maintainable, powerful, and happy to do your bidding in the future). And you will have the knowledge and experience you need to create a lot more of them.

“Extremely entertaining, well-executed, and awesome. I think the world is definitely ready for this style of training and you guys deserve all the success you get. The music and story weren’t just ‘good, for a bunch of tech geeks’. They were really excellent.”
Yet another star pupil

You’ll also get an introduction to Ampersand.js

Ampersand.js is a well-defined approach to combining a series of intentionally tiny modules in a way that creates a delightful workflow while maintaining an immense amount of flexibility.

Even if you use a framework or build with Backbone, working through building an app on Ampersand will help you understand principles that apply to any single-page app.

Ampersand is largely a fulfillment of the principles defined in Human JavaScript. We’ve been building applications in this way and teaching these approaches to clients for years.

What’s Ampersand.js like?

Eric Anderson said, “If you like Backbone, you’ll love Ampersand.js. It’s a pretty huge upgrade while remaining super easy to use.”
Nuno Nogueira called Ampersand a “single-page app paradise.”

Ampersand has received kind praise from Backbone creator Jeremy Ashkenas and even well-known leaders in the Backbone community like Sam Breed have begun to contribute to the Ampersand ecosystem.

Ampersand has also gained a few dozen contributors in a small amount of time.

A training experience that is beyond...beyond

We’ve discovered that students learn so much more by combining an interactive learning lab with creative elements like theatric storytelling, videos, original music, and immersive design. These things inspire creativity, enthusiasm, and give a sense of importance to the experience that keep students mentally fresh and eager for whatever’s next—whether it’s education or a plot twist.

People familiar with &yet’s RealtimeConf know we like to make wholehearted, immersive, engaging experiences. This training is no less.

Human JavaScript: LIVE! features an original story by Mike Speegle (author of RealtimeConf’s Something Greater Than Artifice), artwork and design crafted by Amy Lynn Taylor, original music written and arranged by Ben Michel (creator of the post-apocalyptic synth folk album, Realtime), and many creative contributions from the rest of the &yet team.

“I absolutely loved the music and storyline. It kept the conference entertaining and helped me stay interested in learning.”
Past training attendee

What’s included with your registration:

You’ll step into our home town and experience a completely curated experience from start to finish.

  1. The two-day Human JavaScript: Live! training adventure in the great city of Richland, WA at our beautiful community event center with huge two-story windows overlooking the Columbia River.
  2. Three nights of accommodations in the Richland Hanford House Hotel right on the Columbia River and next to one of our area’s most storied parks with miles of river-front trail to walk and run.
  3. All meals, snacks, and libations (you will be able to let us know of any dietary restrictions upon registration)
  4. Transportation to and from any and all training venues
  5. After the training is over, you’ll get access to 25 screencast videos that walk you through the content you’ve learned at the event

All you need to do is register, get yourself to Richland (arriving in the afternoon/early evening the day before the training and departing the morning after the training is complete), and we’ll take care of the rest.

Two unforgettable days of training
including meals and lodging, for $1650

Upcoming Sessions

January 2015

Richland, WA

Details TBD

“I did not expect that the ‘making this workshop an unforgettable experience’ was taken so literally and how much of an impact it actually made. The emotional aspect of really enjoying the entire ‘weekend’ was like massaging the brain for ‘you got to hold onto lots of this’-mode. The entire effort that went into this was so tangible, that it made everyone that worked on this instantly likable, the ultimate ice breaker. ‘Wow, they did all this for us!’ Inspiring.”
Former student
&yet Lab Illustration

The Tech Republic Polygnostic University now open for enrollment

TRPU Seal Illustration

After an extended absence, the Tech Republic Polygnostic University (TRPU) has received funding through a well-known benefactress to re-open its doors to the next generation of Master Artificers (known in other parts of the world as “JavaScript mad scientists”).

All who are willing to stand against the continual threats we face in our great nation are invited to enroll immediately. Due to the nature of the most recent wolf invasions, TRPU does request that those seeking enrollment are of the human persuasion.

The Tech Republic Polygnostic University is above all a place for learning. Those who enter her hallowed halls are doomed destined to emerge forever changed into Masters of Artificery. Those possessed of the necessary wherewithal, mental faculty, and sheer, dirt-in-your-eye gumption are encouraged to apply for our current course offering, Human JavaScript: LIVE!

So show those cowardly villagers who threw you out of your native hamlet who the real insane genius is around here.

Meet the Faculty

Faculty Member Heinrich of Ampersand

Heinrich of AmpersandM.D. Ph.D. M.W.A.H.A.H.A.

Heinrich is a difficult man to read. Surely he’s a secret agent enjoying a post-mission gin and tonic. Or an intellectual, fresh from the fields of academic pursuit. Or maybe he’s deposed royalty, waiting for just the right moment to return to power.

Maybe he’s all three.

I can’t say. But what I can tell you is that Heinrich has written scores of JS applications and libraries, including SimpleWebRTC and, as well as the seminal text, Human Javascript. Which is kind of why he’s the driving force behind TRPU’s Master of Artificery program, Human JavaScript: LIVE!

Faculty Member Piotr Korsakov

Piotr KorsakovPh.D.s in Musicology, Musiconomy, Musicism, and Mnemonic Informational Infusion

Piotr Korsakov began his journey towards musical glory at the tender age of three, when he realized that the ears were very probably connected to the brain. This revelation forever transformed his life, and by extension all our lives.

Plus, he’s totally mastered every single instrument that exists, and quite a few that don’t exist yet. I mean, have you seen him play the theremin? He’s literally playing the air. Now I’m no aetheric scholar, but if Piotr isn’t some kind of wizard I will eat my hat.

Piotr, like his comrades, heeded the call of Heinrich, and made his way from his studio in the State of Play to augment the Human JavaScript: LIVE! as only he can: by kicking out the jams.

Faculty Member Mikhail Znamya

Mikhail Znamya(Acting) University President

Why is he acting president? It seems like there should be a story here.

Class commences soon

TRPU has long been a controversial institution in the Tech Republic, but we’ve never needed it more. Gird yourselves with learning, friends. It is time to turn your knowledge into ACTION!

Two unforgettable days of training
including meals and lodging, for $1650

Upcoming Sessions

January 2015

Richland, WA

Details TBD

“At first it was weird. Then it was still weird, but I liked it. Maybe I’m weird now. In all seriousness, the depth and attention to detail were insane. I don’t think anyone would believe me if I tried to explain exactly what happened.”
TRPU graduate

Know before you go


Students should:

  1. Be comfortable working with JavaScript
  2. Have experience interacting with things like AJAX and DOM
  3. Any experience with node.js on a very basic level is a plus

Additionally, it is recommended that students have:

  1. A taste for adventure
  2. A thirst for knowledge
  3. A hunger for awesomeness
  4. A nonspecific yearning for things that make you go, “Whoa, what?”
  5. Immunizations against vampire frog venom
  6. A body that is no more than 93% relentless, indestructible cyborg

Code of Conduct

We are dedicated to providing an awesome, safe, and inclusive learning experience for everyone. Any harassment or inappropriate behavior will result in immediate ban from the university, and with no refund besides. Read the Code of Conduct.