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We are an enthusiastic group of designers, developers, illustrators, writers, speakers, starters, and finishers.

&yet is a company of individual and collective possibility where people can be creative, take risks, and grow.

We aspire to bring out the best in people and to make everything we touch better than it was when we found it.

We are a learning and growing organization, always looking for ways to do better and to build on the lessons of our past as individuals and as a team.

Meet our team

An &yet timeline

A name tag that says Hello.

&yet is founded by Adam Brault, Amy Lynn Taylor, Nathan Fritz, and Adam Baldwin.

A map with a route charted.

Went to Italy as a team because
what the heck, why not?

Triconf logo

Helped start TriConf, a knowledge sharing event bringing together people doing interesting and unique things in our community.

And Bang logo

Built And Bang, a chat and task sharing app for teams (also invented the Schwoosh! sound)

RealtimeConf logo

Hosted three years of RealtimeConf, an immersive event about realtime technology that has to be seen to be believed.

NSP logo

Started the Node Security Project in order to help make security a core value of the Node community.

Chat bubbles

Built SimpleWebRTC and (which would later become Talky).

Talky logo

Rebranded to the Talky you know and love.

Brio logo

Co-organized Brio, a conference about the vibrant spirit and ethic of businesses who care about people, think long-term, and seek to better the world.

An open book

Henrik Joreteg wrote Human JavaScript, a culmination of years of collaboration on the &yet team on standardized ways of understanding and writing rich JavaScript apps as a team.

Otalk logo

Created Otalk, an open set of tools for building collaboration apps, and released the second generation of Talky

Ampersand logo

Created Ampersand.js, a highly modular, loosely coupled, non-frameworky framework for building advanced JavaScript apps.

JS for Teams logo

Created one-of-a-kind educational events JS for Teams and Human JavaScript Live, featuring live music, theater, and lab coats.

&you logo

Started &you, a community mailing list dispatch that curated people and ideas in our community that are inspiring us

A lightbulb

Helped create new spaces in our community including Fuse, our local co-working space, and MUX, a local indie concert series.

Requiresafe logo

Built requireSafe, which soon became the Node Security Platform.

&yetConf logo

Hosted &yetConf, a conference about the intersections of technology with humanity, meaning, and ethics for people who believe the world should be better and are determined to make it so (again, must be seen to be believed).

Call of the Wildling logo

Launched Call of the Wildling, which uses story, music, and reflection to take us on a journey in pursuit of our own uniqueness.

A cake with 10 candle

Celebrated 10 years!

SWRTC logo

Launched SimpleWebRTC — WebRTC and React, together at last

Facecamp logo

Launched Facecamp — connect to Slack, take animated gifs, and post them for your teamies to see. Chat your mug!

Talky logo

&yet spins off Talky, inc. as its own company, with Talky and SimpleWebRTC as its products.

Wegotchu logo

Launched Wegotchu — digital cards to pass around and sign, even when you’re not together.

and much more to come!

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