Our design and software consultancy helps compassionate companies turn audiences into deeply connected communities that grow organically

How we work

When you’re committed to making the world better, marketing can be hard

“Best practices” feel inauthentic and disconnected from your purpose, online marketing tactics never seem to bring the results they promise, and you’d rather be making the world better than cajoling people into taking action.

What you need is not an audience but a communityWhat you need is not an audience but a community

  • Connect with people based on shared values, not value propositions.

    A good value proposition helps drive sales, but it won’t capture the hearts of the people you want to serve. Building an intentional community allows you to build bridges based on what matters.

  • Invest the most in the people who are the most invested in you.

    Instead of pushing uphill, constantly trying to earn the attention of strangers, a deeply-connected community allows you to grow organically from the inside out, generating powerful word of mouth that increases your impact and your bottom line.

  • People are invested in what they help create.

    Instead of building something and then trying to convince people to take action, a strong community helps you include people in the process from the very beginning. When it’s time for launch, you’ll have a loyal network of people who are excited to take action and support your endeavors.

Your most important collaborators
are the people you serve

We take an iterative, collaborative approach to strategic implementation.

Instead of coming up with a big idea and spending a ton of time and money to make it happen (only to discover later if it actually works), we implement early and often, including your community along the way.

This enables us to take big (and profitable) risks one bite at a time.

It also gives people a feeling of belonging and ownership in whatever you’re making, naturally leading them to become your biggest supporters and ambassadors.

From dream to deploy

We not only can help you create a solid community strategy, we’re also veteran designers and software engineers, thoughtfully goal-focused, and always user-driven in how we think, design, and build.

Our deeply integrated approach allows for the best possible execution of your vision, eliminating the additional time and expense of bringing in a third (and even fourth) party to make it happen.

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