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Customer Referral Assessment

Let’s turn your customers into your biggest champions.

Even though you know word of mouth is the most powerful way to get people to try something new, how do you have any control over it?

When you compare the power of an ad to the power of a trusted friend telling you “you’ve got to try this; it’s my new favorite thing”, there’s no competition.

We inherently trust the recommendations of our friends because a.) we like our friends and b.) those kinds of endorsements are impossible for a company to orchestrate.

What if it were possible to turn your customers into advocates in a genuine and predictable way?

You can do this when your customers are invested in a shared vision for what your product or service makes possible. When they see your product or service as a crucial segment of the path that will lead them to the best version of themselves, it will make them feel generous to invite their friends along.

This may sound like an idealistic dream, but it is actually very reachable.

The highest leverage moment to turn customers into advocates for your product is when you’re gearing up for the launch of a new product or feature and as you’re rolling it out. Because of this, you need to start early, ideally at the point you’ve just finished your last launch and are starting to think about what’s next.

If that’s where you’re at (or even if you’re a bit farther along), we’d love to help.

But first, we need to know more about you so we can make the right recommendations for your unique situation.

Contact Sarah at sarah@andyet.com or fill out this handy form. We’ll get back to you within a day or so (we’re usually pretty fast.)

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