It started as an entertaining notion. JavaScript on the server? Ha! That’s fun. Now it’s fast becoming the way open source hackers startups enterprises everyone builds software. Software is eating the world and, well, JavaScript is eating software. Just the same, containerization with tools like Docker? They’re eating deployment. React is eating front-end development.

We’ve helped enterprises like AT&T, CAA, Netflix, PNNL, and others employ these technologies with success and confidence—even the US House of Representatives. Our team’s depth of experience in security, architecture, and databases has always been helpful for clients we’ve served.

The containerization movement has made deployment easier than its ever been, but when paired with Node and continuous integration, the difference can be a revolutionary shift for organizations.

We’ve been running Node and Docker in production since they were in oh-dot diapers and along the way we’ve created and contributed to some of the most widely used software for these tools. We love helping organizations succeed with these technologies. More than anything, we love doing so because it makes the lives of developers working on these projects better, and provides an opportunity for an organization to level up in quality development workflow and communication practices—the kinds of things we believe always make more of a difference than any technology ever can.

The kinds of things we can help with include:

  • Helping your organization adopt technologies in a way that allows you to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve communication
  • Custom development
  • Adding features to open source libraries you depend on
  • Solving architecture challenges with performance, databases, authentication
  • Scaling Docker with Kubernetes
  • Reviewing application and API security and architecture

We’ve worked with some great organizations. Here’s a few you may have heard of.

If you’re looking to improve your usage of technologies like Node, React, and Docker, we’d love to talk and see if we can help.

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