We’re pretty sure if you string together IoT, realtime, and geolocation in one sentence, you hit buzzword bingo—but that’s RECON Dynamics.

In 2010, before everyone had Find My Friends on their phone and prior to “Internet of Things” becoming a catchphrase, &yet delivered a realtime geolocation platform and product for one of our earliest customers.

RECON is an asset management system that lets users add a physical tag to a piece of equipment and track its location, or to get information like temperature, run time, or altitude. You can set rules like: "If this device goes above this temperature or outside this geofence during these hours, send me an alert."

RECON Dynamics user interface

&yet was responsible for developing web and mobile applications, and creating a realtime API.

The complexity of this application and some unique requirements made &yet one of the earliest adopters of both Backbone (since 0.1.2) and Node.js (since 0.4), and ultimately led to doing some pioneering work using Redis for data feeds integrated with a job system.

This project laid the groundwork for a decade of building realtime applications, advanced distributed systems architecture approaches, native web apps (single-page apps), and development.

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