Throughout the years, we’ve done pioneering work and made scores of open source contributions toward building rich JavaScript applications, realtime and peer-to-peer applications, and Node.js APIs has called on us to solve a wide range of problems. Here’s one example.

Filament provides drop-in wireless infrastructure that’s flexible and secure.

Filament’s IoT service uses an innovative open source decentralized protocol called Telehash, developed by Jeremie Miller, who also created XMPP. We believe in Filament’s approach to IoT, which is nicely laid out in their Declaration of Device Independence.

Our consulting team helped add bluetooth low-energy capabilities to Telehash, to enable Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Linux devices to communicate directly with Filament’s new IoT devices over bluetooth low-energy.

We also bootstrapped a multi-platform application and build-process for their client applications, so that iOS, Android, Mac OS, Linux, Windows, and Chrome OS applications can all be built from a single code-base, by combining Electron, Apache Cordova, and Chrome apps with modern web-technologies such as React, Redux, and webpack.

It was a privilege to get to team up with Jeremie and the Filament team in enhancing their JavaScript API, and giving them a platform on which to build client apps for their awesome IoT work.

“Thank you for kicking ass!”

Have something unconventional you want to do with JavaScript or a feature you want to see added to an open source library? Our team would love to help you make it happen.

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