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Lead Generation Assessment

Let’s generate more qualified leads and prospective customers.

What do you do when marketing “best practices“ aren’t generating enough interest in your products and services?

Don’t worry; it’s not just you. We’ve heard this not only from clients, but from friends and colleagues who are some of the smartest people in the industry. The methods they used with great success in the past just aren’t working as well as they used to.

The truth is, it’s never been harder or more expensive to get a customer on the Internet.

Your competitors are getting savvier and there are more of them. Advertising costs on the Internet have only gone up—and more users are finding ways to block or avoid ads. Customers have more options than ever, both in how they solve their problems and where they put their attention (and they’re pretty reluctant to give their limited attention to a company’s thinly veiled content marketing strategy, much less their ad campaigns).

How do we fix this?

The answer is not a simple one, but what it comes down to is—you guessed it—the strength of your customer relationships. Or, in the case of generating new interest in your product or service, the strength of your ability to reach people who have never heard of you and gain not only their attention (which is hard enough), but also their trust.

This of course involves a clear understanding of who your customer is, what their goals are, and what is driving them to solve their problem. But the real magic happens when your first (and subsequent) interactions with them are both unforgettable and deeply generous.

We can help you use creative technology to do just that.

But first, we want to learn more about you so we can make the right recommendations for your unique situation.

Contact Sarah at sarah@andyet.com or fill out this handy form. We’ll get back to you within a day or so (we’re usually pretty fast.)

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