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Since &yet’s conception, we’ve had a passion for learning in community. We believe:

  • everybody has something to teach the rest of us;
  • people learn the most by teaching; and
  • a life well-lived is a life of continuous learning and growth.

This passion has fueled dozens of endeavors, from penning books about creative business to creating immersive, interactive stories about self-discovery – and from improving open source software documentation to designing conferences where participants joined a marching band and became emissaries for imaginary countries.

Currently, we’re working on:

  • product shot of Gather the People bookThe 2nd edition of Gather the People, our CEO Sarah Avenir’s book articulating a human approach to marketing, for people who would rather make what they love than persuade people to buy it.
  • Togetherness logoTogetherness, a people-first resource for gathering remotely.
  • Gather the Courage logoGather the Courage, guided journaling for creative leaders to reflect, be encouraged, and make courageous decisions.

Here are a few examples of our past teaching (and co-learning) work:

  • Call of the Wildling logoWe used storytelling to help people find and follow their purpose, and heal from burnout. Find your wildling.
  • a violin player in front of a children’s choirWe’ve created high-impact conference experiences, including RealtimeConf.
  • Frankenstein’s monster sings in front of an audience of scientistsWe created the world’s first immersive JavaScript training musical. (Still probably the only?)
  • a softly lit stage with projector screen and podiumWe hosted a conference about the intersections of technology with humanity, meaning, and ethics. Part of it took place at a nuclear reactor. Read Paddy’s reflection on the experience.
  • a construction worker reviews plans while riding a zebraAnd we sponsor conferences and events that align with our values. Check out DazzleCon.

Learn with us

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