Real talk: developers hate marketing.

Our approach? Create engaging experiences that people want to be part of. One good example is what we did recently with our friends at Manifold.

Manifold helps developers stitch together the best-in-class services in order to create custom end-to-end cloud infrastructure as an alternative to being mostly locked into the AmaGoogSoft cloud platforms. The team behind it is has deep roots and passion in the domain of empowering developers. They wanted a way to show their passion and their goal of giving developers access to higher quality services without forgoing the kind of convenience offered by Big Cloud providers.

In a matter of weeks, we went from concept to execution on this story.

Manifold story

Experience the full story at (Headphones recommended!)

This is absolutely amazing. Huge thanks to the folks at &yet. As the kids would say they’re 🔥 LIT-AF 🔥.

Here’s some of the folks we’ve served with our marketing services.

You’d probably be interested in the book we wrote on taking a human-centered approach to marketing for people who’d rather make what they love than persuade people to buy it.

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