We’re goal-focused and
user-driven in everything we do

We don’t build software for requirements, we build it for people.

How we work

  • We work quickly, iteratively, and transparently

    When we start a new project, we want to get it in front of people as quickly as we can. We want to talk to your users, getting their candid feedback throughout the development process. Your users’ input always helps prioritize the right improvements, reducing the cost of speculative development. What really counts is code running on servers. Thinking that way keeps us always focused on the ultimate goal: shipping and sharing software with your users early and often.

  • Simple and sustainable architecture

    You want software that’s going to be dependable and low maintenance. Our veteran team always aims for simple and sustainable designs and proven architectures. We believe it’s clever not to be clever.

  • We develop with and for open source

    Our team has contributed a significant amount of the software we’ve created to the commons. We believe that open source makes better software, and that good software always produces contributions to open source.

Hard problems are no problem. Our team a technical challenge.

Our services

Custom Software Development

We combine our blend of expertise and our iterative development philosophy to rapidly deliver high-quality work. And our design team creates first-class interfaces. For UX-focused projects, our work is heavily design driven.

We can help you ship:

  • Data-driven web apps with Node and React
  • Voice apps with Amazon Alexa (and similar)
  • Chat bots
  • IoT (Internet of Things) services
  • Realtime / communication / collaboration software
  • React Native mobile apps

Node Architecture and Scaling

With 7 years of Node experience under our belt, we have experience scaling and creating maintainable Node architectures that we can put to work for you.

We can help you with:

  • API development
  • Authentication services
  • Architecture audits
  • Data scaling
  • Database design
  • Refactors
  • Technology transition

“If Conway’s Law is true (it is) and software reflects the organization that wrote it, then anything that &yet puts out there is bound to be fantastic.”

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