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There’s no singular way to define growth. Every business approaches it differently, because businesses reflect the people who build them.

You have your own ideas about the kind of life you’re building towards, the workplace culture you’re trying to foster, the customers you want to reach–the things that make your company unique, and that inspire you to keep striving.

And just to complicate matters, those ideas are going to evolve and change over time–as you change, as the market shifts, and as you pass various growth milestones and dream up new ones.

We have more than a decade’s worth of experience working with companies that think about growth a little differently:

  • Companies marketing and selling to developers–an audience notoriously allergic (and impervious) to marketing.
  • Companies defining scale in terms of increased profit margins and efficiency, not just increased revenues.
  • Companies shifting from in-person, high-touch services to more scalable offerings–without wanting to lose the warmth and personality that helped them stand out from the competition.
  • Companies tackling digital transformation projects in industries that have been slower to adapt–where success means engaging reluctant non-techies and exacting power users alike.
  • Companies contributing to open-source projects, where growth is defined by adoption rates and contributor community, rather than dollars and cents.

In each case, we provided strategic support to draw out and clearly articulate our client’s definition of meaningful and impactful growth, and turn it into specific, actionable objectives.

These experiences have taught us that while design and code are our preferred tools for solving business problems, if we want to solve the right problems, we need to start by defining the right questions–then choosing the right tools for the job.

How we work

  1. We work collaboratively
    No one knows your business – or your vision for growth – like you do. Our approach to strategy starts with drawing out the goals, values, and priorities you carry into your work, and articulating them in ways that help you gain clarity and focus.
  2. We are flexible
    Sometimes a client needs a deep dive into their overall business strategy – an analysis of their product, marketing, and sales systems that can help them identify the initiatives that are highest-priority and can generate the best returns. Other times, you might have a specific project in mind and want some expert insights on how to approach it creatively, or what success metrics to use.
  3. We are a brain trust
    Our team of strategic, design, UX, and developer experts are all available to weigh in on your particular challenges. We’ll bring our brightest minds (and hearts) to bear, and pull in specialists wherever we think they might add value.
  4. We are entrepreneurs
    The majority of &yet team members have founded and grown our own businesses. We understand at a cellular level what it means to start, grow, and scale a company, and we are personally invested in helping you succeed.
  5. We are pragmatists
    Look, we know as well as anyone that the word “strategy” can be code for endless navel-gazing, abstraction, and theory, rather than action and forward movement. That’s not how we work. We dig in, roll up our sleeves, and take an agile approach.

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