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Adam Avenir


We took a company poll (which sounds a lot more official than it was) to find out what it’s really like to work for our illustrious leader. Who, by the way, did not sanction this poll-taking or being called “our illustrious leader” but will just have to deal with it, okay? Okay.

“Adam once bought me an avocado toast, so now I’m slaving away for his company attempting to repay my debt.”

“Adam is the type of person where you can read a single blog post of his, and want to travel many states away to see him speak and ask him if you could please work for him. I did that, and I'm very glad he said yes and continues to inspire me in much the same way even 5 years later.”

“Adam is the kind of person who’s always looking to find and believe the very best in people. Because he sees and appreciates the value of those around him and frequently sacrifices for their good without hesitation, he inspires that rare kind of leadership that makes you think: ‘This is the kind of leader that I can get behind, 100%.’”

“My favorite thing about Adam is that he notices things. He notices people that don't usually get noticed. And notices qualities in you that you never knew were there.”

“When I think about Adam, the first thing that comes to mind is his pacing. He's the grand national champion of the world in pacing. After that I'd have to say I don't know anyone who cares more about how the people around him are doing.”

“Adam is one of the most aggressively contemplative and intentional people-person people I’ve ever met.”

“Adam may be the single kindest person I've ever known. When he believes in you, it's contagious. It causes you to believe in yourself and do the best that you possibly can, often exceeding your own expectations. Yet somehow he's never surprised, like he knew all along how great you really were. He may be a wizard?”

“I've never worked with someone who cares so much not only about the impact of work they do, but about the people they do it with.”

“Adam is the singularly most frustrating person in the world to disagree with. Between his inveigling charisma and well thought out arguments, it is nearly impossible to hold your ground against his vision.”

“He’s never not wearing a t-shirt.”

"Adam is great because he basically tries to make everything he touches feel more inspired and encourages others to take risks and push their creative boundaries.”

“Adam isn’t afraid to embrace risky, wacky, and heartfelt endeavors. He’s just so great at encouraging people to join him in being vulnerable and fully themselves. He makes you feel valued and that’s everything.”

“Adam is so generous. I have so many stories about how he’s thought intentionally about what would make me feel appreciated and valued, and then gone out of his way to do it.”

“Adam is the the perfect touchstone. He regularly enlightens me with his perspectives using his ability to empathize with people in order to explain how others see a given situation.”

“Adam has this weird way of making everyone and everything around him the best they can possibly be. But for him ‘the best’ isn’t about what it looks like on the outside; it’s about making things the best for people. And not just ‘people’ as an ambiguous group, but each individual person.”

“Adam’s greatest goal on a project is actually not the work, it's helping others recognize their own potential and grow their skills.”

“One thing I know about Adam; he has always cared about me as a person first and foremost.”

“I have known Adam longer than anyone at the company and I would echo all the other comments. He is one of my greatest sources of inspiration.”

“It would take a book to describe how grateful I am for Adam’s support and encouragement, and for who he is as a person. He gives me the freedom to make mistakes. But man…that’s not even close to saying it. I just can’t find the words.”

So yeah. There’s a reason why “People First” is a thing we believe very strongly in, and it’s Adam.

Although you’ll more often find him encouraging the people around him to take the stage, Adam writes, speaks, and leads workshops about “Tiny Leadership”—the idea that tiny leaders build on other tiny leaders to create tiny, resilient, fearless societies.

Adam also believes strongly in grassroots community development and contributes on the board of several local efforts, including Fuse and the Tri-Cities Public Market. He recently gave a TEDx talk exploring how we can fix the suburbs, and is passionate about the power of one person’s ability to make things better than they are right now.

And don’t worry. The employee working off his avocado toast debt? He assures us he isn’t bitter at all.

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