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Amy Lynn Taylor

Founder, Art Director

Amy’s greatness is sneaky.

Her work is so simple and clear, she makes it look easy—unless you’ve witnessed the journey.

When approaching a new problem, she’s stubbornly balanced: a true artist with a brilliant creative spark who’s also a die-hard pragmatist. You’ll never get her to choose a solution because it’s pretty or because it works well enough; she’ll insist it looks and works beautifully.

More than anything, she’s insistent on continuing to work at an idea until it’s right, whether it’s her own insistence or someone else’s that it’s not quite there yet. She’s never defensive and always willing to hear critique.

Amy’s work is unique, with a style that somehow manages to be both entirely timeless and timely. She’s gifted at making complicated and cluttered things simpler, if by nothing but sheer willpower.

If you want to check out a giant pile of awesome, go search Instagram for #andyetconf and #realtimeconf swag. There is no one in the history of the universe who designs swag like Amy Effing Lynn Taylor.

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