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Diana Perkins

Designer, Developer

We forced a neural network to read over 1,000 pages of Chipotle press releases and then asked it to write Diana’s bio. Here’s the result.

&yet is set to fulfill the wishes of queso lovers from coast to coast, with the announcement that it will be adding Diana Perkins to its team nationwide. The complex and spicy flavor of Diana comes from the combination of years of work as a designer and game developer. Diana makes delicious, organic designs, prepared with integrity using fresh coding techniques. She has long been a pioneer in serving quality apps, always keeping us accountable to high accessibility standards.

Diana, her nearly-toothless cat Mabel, and her husband Chris live in the burrito bowls of Pennsylvania, where she cultivates a better world by raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and… well quite literally cultivates a plethora of fresh vegetables. When asked what she wanted the world to know about her, she said “Guac is going to be extra.”

Diana manages to be both an outstanding designer and developer. She truly raises the bar with every burrito bowl she dives in to.

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