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Dylan Staley

Front-End Developer

What’s the best thing about Dylan?

That he’s a three-time Guinness World Record holder? That his life goals include spending more time with his Corgi, Jpeg? (Have you seen this dog? omg) That he is best friends with one of our heroes?


It’s because he’s one of the most thoughtful individuals you’re likely to meet. In both the “cares about people a lot” kind of way and the “constantly using his brain to be really smart” kind of way.

When it comes to his technical prowess, Dylan could be (and has been! and is currently being!) described as one of the kindest manifestations of pure attention to detail we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Little things bother him until he fixes them, but he’s never a jerk about it. Not only that, but he’s fast, thorough, and fluent in multiple programming languages.

In a talk Dylan gave about making tech more approachable, he once said, “I just want people to be as excited about their tech as I am about mine.” Well, take that excitement and multiply it by several magnitudes, and that’s how excited we are about Dylan.

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