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Eric Zanol


The thing about Eric is that when he’s doing a kickass job with all of the things he’s responsible for at &yet, most often it means things are running so smoothly that no one notices he's done them. One of those jobs. Does anyone have a name for that yet?

To try to describe the things he does would be difficult, but okay, here goes: budget watcher, benefits herding, proposal scourer, legal things wrangler, robot liaison, decision maker, feelings patroler, endeavors tester, pepperoni taster, the list goes on.

Essentially Eric does a lot of the heavy lifting required to keep putting fuel in the tank here at &yet.

There are so many qualities about Eric that make him a perfect fit for the type of person that runs the business. Empathy and compassion are two of his strong core values. Eric also has this contagious enthusiasm about making cool things that contribute to the world.

He brings a heavily analytical approach to ideas, balanced with razor-sharp wit, all of which are encompassed by a self-deprecating and humble exterior. He also likes to keep us guessing, for example, by rearranging his office furniture once a week (seriously, it’s like once a week). Because furniture, apparently.

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