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Jessica Williams

Customer Research Strategist

Jessica puts the “go” in Chicago. And we say that only half-humorously. Not only is Jessica leading customer research and outreach for our team, she’s also…

…a Cisco-certified Informations Systems degree-holding network infrastructuralist (is that a word?) …a community organizer and evangelist, supporting women founders in a startup incubator and contributing as Director of Business Development for Black Tech Jobs …an expert and mentor on using side hustles to build for the future without sacrificing the stability of a day job …a published poet …a caregiver for her grandmother …a lip-syncing, broadway musical dancing performer …a lover of books and a perpetual learner

In other words, what does Jessica not do? Her unique ability to connect with people, translate between techie and regular-person-language, learn, care, and get creative about new opportunities for intentional growth alllll combine to make her exceptional at understanding customers and connecting with them in meaningful, generous ways. We are totally inspired by her.

(Speaking of inspiring, Jessica recommends champagne and french fries as a meal. Challenge accepted.)

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