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Lauren Bacon


They say curiosity killed the cat, but with Lauren it elevated the cat to a level of strategic brilliance that is rare to find and wondrous to behold. (In this scenario, Lauren is the cat ICYMI.)

In fact, Lauren’s curiosity is basically legendary. If you’ve read either of her two books, The Boss of You or Curious for a Living, you know what we’re talking about. Or maybe you’ve seen her writing and teaching in places like Quartz, 99u, The Atlantic, Time Magazine, Fast Company, or LinkedIn Learning.

So it’s not surprising that as a strategist at &yet, Lauren is a thoughtful question-asker, a deep thinker, an insightful dots-connector, and a passionate communicator. She uses her two decades of experience as startup co-founder and consultant to advise our clients on reaching ambitious growth goals in alignment with their values and mission.

The world is lucky to have Lauren’s wisdom and presence gently nudging us to be and do better. And so are we.

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