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Internet “Luke” Karrys

Front-End Developer

One time, we got a 5,000-word email from a weird but very cool and quiet guy who blogs about nachos and facial hair. Best email ever.

We weren’t looking for Luke, but we are beyond grateful Luke was looking for us. Sentences in his email just jumped right out at us—things like:

  • “I feel like I am almost not doing anything if I'm not actively looking to make things better.”
  • “I love the feeling of finishing something and finishing it right.”
  • “If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be JavaScript.”

With statements like those, we knew we had to at least talk to Luke. We convinced him to come join us at RedisConf and RealtimeConf and volunteer, teaming up with us to deliver a training and two back-to-back conferences. His incredible attitude and a willing, unselfish spirit made him very missed by our team when he headed back home to Arizona. A month later, we invited him to join the team and we’ve continued to feel lucky to call him a Yeti ever since.

Luke is a passionate and high-quality Node.js and frontend developer, with a great mind for UX. More than that, he’s the type of person who makes a team and a project better just by being involved in it—even from 1500 miles away.

Despite being the last contributor in our march toward shipping And Bang 2.0, Luke’s mark has been left loud and clear.

What a gem. A special, Arizonan JavaScripting gem.

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