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Mark Brault


Mark was probably the original yeti, given that he’s our founder’s father.

In fact, a statement he made years ago is oft-quoted as one of &yet’s foundational principles: “Business isn’t about money—it’s about people. It’s people who do the work. It’s people who buy the product.”

He also serves as President of Grace Clinic, our region’s only free medical clinic, which provides care to thousands of our area’s uninsured. In addition to one of his other day jobs running a Freightliner dealership, Mark has been part of the early phase of several technology startups since the 1980s.

Mark adds depth of experience and wisdom to the &yet team, having provided critical advice since &yet’s Day One, when he suggested maybe $20 an hour was too little to build a freelance web business upon—even if you’re just starting and want to be nice.

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