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Sarah Avenir


As a partner at &yet, Sarah is very often our compass.

Stormy seas or fair weather, she repeatedly points to a magnetic vision for our true north. Sometimes by sharing a parable, other times by emphatically making her case for a new way of thinking, but often by simply listening and reflecting. Doing new and different things can be terrifying, but it makes it so much easier when people like Sarah are leading the way, making us feel safe to steep into water that might just be a few thousand feet deeper than the wading pool of our comfort zone.

There aren’t many people who live as full-hearted as Sarah does. Her world-changing superpower is making honest vulnerability an asset rather than a liability. It’s impossible for Sarah to be anything but genuine in everything she does. She is courageous, humble, thoughtful, and keenly aware of the needs of the people around her.

As a small child, Sarah read every single book she could get her hands on. As a small adult, well, she still does.

If you pay close attention in the midst of a brainstorming conversation, you’ll likely catch her eyes suddenly darting back and forth as something you’ve said sends her whirling through the shelves of her mind’s endless library, grabbing an armful of reference material, inspiration, and insight and returning to the present reality with wild eyes wide. Then she’ll burst forth with an enthusiastic exclamation “Oh my gosh!” and that’s how you know.

Sarah is a natural entrepreneur. Her experiences have given her an innate understanding of how to build and market businesses on the Internet. Well into her second decade creating things for the web, Sarah has experience as a professional web developer and designer, but her gifts really shine when it comes to her understanding of how to use the web’s preeminent technology: the written word.

In her work as a writer, consultant, and content strategist, Sarah has the rare and unique capability of creating experiences that build entire worlds of feeling. She makes plain things magic, without needing any manipulative sleight of hand.

Sarah is the author of Gather the People, where she introduced the world to a deep-not-wide marketing theory built on genuine vulnerability.

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