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money floating awaymoney floating away

It’s never been harder or more expensive to get and keep a customer on the Internet.

Every day there’s more and more competition for your customers’ attention. And they have more options than ever, both in how they solve their problems and how they spend their time.

popup adspopup ads

At the same time...

People are growing weary of today’s advertising methods. At every turn they’re bombarded with aggressive marketing trying to monetize their attention.

No wonder so many people want to opt out entirely.

What can you do?

helicopters dropping cookieshelicopters dropping cookies

Giving your customers what they want isn’t enough.

Everyone loves cookies. If you’re in the cookie baking and delivery business, you might decide helicopters are a great solution. You can fly overhead and toss more cookies to more people and faster.

But the cookies fall to the ground crumpled and broken. You’ve reached a lot of people, but with what?

warm, fresh cookieswarm, fresh cookies

Imagine instead...

You take your fresh baked cookies and hand-deliver them. You know which type they love and when they’ll be home and ready to relax with a treat.

You show up with just the right thing at just the right time.

neato experienceneato experience

But isn’t it more expensive to be that generous?

No, it’s spending more effectively. For over a decade we’ve been creating experiences that connect with people in meaningful and enduring ways. We’ve seen the immense long-term value when customers themselves feel valued.

Plus, while your competitors invest in more and more helicopters, you get to invest in people.

so happyso happy

This warm cookie approach strengthens your customer relationships.

You can’t literally focus on one person at a time, but you can make your customers feel like what you are offering them is that generous. You can understand who they are and what they want and help them get where they need to go.

Instead of chasing customers, they’ll be chasing you. And bringing others along with them.

We have a lot of ideas on how to use creative technology to do just that.

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