WebRTC usage by mobile services

WebRTC has seen quite a bit of adoption on mobile devices in late 2014 and early 2015. Often, it is unclear whether a service uses WebRTC and what modifications were made.

Services like Appleā€™s Facetime might not even use WebRTC at all, but are still interesting to compare from an engineering point of view.

At &yet we are investigating a number of services using Wireshark in the spirit of the webRTCHacks Mayday Trace blog post. Summaries of the reports are published on webRTCHacks, with detailed reports available here, including the captured data.

WebRTC Reports

AppFull ReportRaw Data
WhatsApp ExposedView ReportDownload
Messenger ExposedView ReportDownload
FaceTime ExposedView ReportDownload
Wire ExposedView ReportDownload

These reports were made possible by support from the Google WebRTC team.