We’re doing something new.

Although if you’ve been with us for events like &yetconf or RealtimeConf, it might be a little familiar. (If you haven't, we wrote a blog post that might help explain things.)

We’re creating an immersive online experience to surface people and ideas who are inspiring us to make a better web and a better world (if you’re here, that includes you!). This is only the beginning.

How do I participate?

Ultimately, you must make a choice. What will you choose?

What’s with the play?

It’s hard to explain? But trust us. It will make sense eventually. :)

Do I have to participate to stay in the loop about what &yet is doing?

Nah. You can sign up for &you, our community mailing list, and we’ll still <3 you.

Software is about people

Wondering who's behind this madness? We're the kind & efficient sort of perfectionists, focusing on UX + JS + Node + Realtime. We make software that serves people better.


JS, architecture, and database consulting for enterprises


Design and creative services for tech companies


Your guides in shipping secure Node software


Truly simple video chat and screen sharing for groups

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