Howdy!We’re &yet, a full service design and development agency.

We're sandwich enthusiasts.

Lettuce elaborate.

We’re also design and code veterans who excel at collaborating. Above and beyond our technical expertise, we bring a people-first philosophy to every project.

Our services

We believe in the immense value created when design and development are aligned with your strategy and goals.

website interface


Responsive and accessible UI design with resilient HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development.

mobile devices


Web and mobile apps, SPAs, and SAAS products with thoughtful UX and robust implementation.

rocket ship


Quick and iterative development that gets you to a proof of concept.

unfolded map with route and destination marked


Software plans that scale, designed to be dependable and low-maintenance.


Creative demos

Showcase your product in fun (and weird) ways that effectively get folks on board.

a terminal window with a heart

React & Node.js

We can hop into any stack, but we are especially great in JavaScript world.

name tag that says hello


Identity, logos, and style guides that people will love and remember.



Physical objects designed with care that people want to keep.

open book

Graphic design

We do print too! Books, posters, flyers, event materials, you name it.

crossed pencils


Drawings that bring life to your products. (We can animate them too.)

an app window with code, a chart, a bulleted text, and a node tree

How we work

High trust and collaboration

We appreciate flexiblity over process, and value kind, honest communication.

Share our work early and often

We want to get feedback quickly and early. This helps us to prioritize the right improvements and reduces the cost of speculative development.

Favor simplicity and sustainability

We believe it’s clever not to be clever. Software should be dependable and low-maintenance.

Use the right tool for the job

While we have favorite languages and libraries, we reach for the tools that make the most sense for your project.

Some great folks we’ve worked with

Recent projects

We can’t show lot of our work (keep it secret, keep it safe), but here are a few recent projects we made just for us.

  • Find Your WeirdosFind Your Weirdos
    A guide to connecting with customers who share your niche fascinations—and earning their wholehearted patronage
  • Meet Our WeirdosMeet Our Weirdos
    We want to introduce you to some amazing weirdos we love (and suspect you will too)
  • Wicked CoolkitWicked Coolkit
    A fun, nostalgic web toolkit to celebrate your unique place in this weird web world
  • fanned out greeting cardsWegotchu
    Digital cards to pass around and sign, even when you’re not together
  • Slack chat with an animated gif of a person wavingFacecamp
    A simple way to post animated gifs of your face in Slack
  • Call of the Wildling logoCall of the Wildling
    A story about pursuing your gifts without being drowned by the needs of the world

What does any of this have to do with sandwiches?!

Honestly, nothing — but we appreciate that you like to get to the bottom of things. So do we! Asking the right questions such an important part of doing great work. We're going to get along great!

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