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The seasons are changing.

We’re now entering the season of the weirdo.

Modern advertising and marketing often cast a wide net. Companies are regularly reaching lots of people, but want more long-term results than “growth hacking” can provide.

So where do you grow from here?

The path isn’t more people learning about your products and services. It’s inspiring those who know about you to get excited about you.

We want to help you find the people who need and want what you’re selling, but most importantly want to buy it because you’re offering it.

We want to help you find your weirdos.

We are veterans at designing and building websites (and can certainly do that for you), but we also take pride in being a little weird.

We’ve spent over a decade creating and gathering people around weird experiences (in-person and on the web).

While the experiences themselves vary, the central theme is always this: connecting humans around ideas.

One of the most powerful connectors we know is discovering you are passionate about the same weird thing.

In a crowded sea full of widely cast nets, being your weird self is how you stand out.

If you put something out there in a way that’s true to who you are, it feels like only you could have done it.

When you put something weird out there, many people might say “I just don’t get it,” and that’s ok. It’s great, actually!

It reveals who will get you and the other things you’re offering.

There will be weirdos, your weirdos, who absolutely get it.

They become your longtime fans, followers, and hype people: customers who stick around and bring others with them.

They want to participate in what you’re building and they’ll be excited when you invite them to.

So here’s how we’ll help you find these weirdos.

  1. First we’ll identify a niche topic to focus on: a topic you have expertise in, one your weirdos will obsess over, that will gather them around your mission.

    We’ll help you research and craft a narrative around this topic and build you a visual storytelling experience* that demonstrates your expertise and entertains, educates, and inspires.

    *What’s a visual storytelling experience? Think art-directed long-form article or blog series, illustrated educational piece or pitch deck, or narrative multimedia experiences.
  2. We’ll build it on and with your tech, creating a compelling demonstration of the capabilities and flexibility of your platform.
  3. And finally, we’ll invite your audience to participate in it. The narrative will be interactive in a way that feels meaningful, personal, and generous. As you know, people are more invested in things they contribute to.

And here’s what we’ll deliver.

We work with budgets starting at $35k. A typical project runs between $60k–150k and goes up from there depending on scope.

This will be a very collaborative process, and can be budgeted into three phases:

  1. Narrative & plan

    • Documented understanding of your audience, product, and goals from our onboarding and conversations with your team
    • Unfiltered list of ideas that result from our searching and brainstorming
    • A short prioritized list of the strongest niche topics that align with your product, expertise, and customers
    • A visual story narrative which may include: creative writing, storyboards, style guides, and/or custom graphics
    • A plan for implementation and rollout of the story to make it interactive and participatory, planned around your technology
  2. Implementation

    • An interactive visual story experience in the form of a webpage (or similar) including custom development and implementation, built on and with your technology
    • All design and code artifacts
  3. Rollout

    • We will lead the participatory portion of the experience with your audience and:
    • Gather and parse valuable insights and feedback
    • Provide guidance on moving forward with the value and energy created

If you’re ready, so are we.

Let’s connect you with your weirdos—and earn their wholehearted patronage.

Shoot us an email at or fill out this handy form.

Or if you need some time to noodle on it, head on over to to learn more about just that.

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