“Every time we gather becomes a model
of the future we want to create.”

Peter Block

What the heck?

We’re bringing together our favorite people on the internet to create an intentional, ongoing, online community.

Know that feeling after a conference when you’ve met people you love and say, “I wish we could keep this all year round? I need these people in my life!” After &yetConf, we heard that and felt that—a lot! So what the heck. Why not?

To kick things off, we’re inviting small groups on a three-week adventure.

The adventure

Call of the WildlingCall of the Wildling

The first of many &yet Community adventures

Let’s learn to be in community together. Powerful societies do not happen by default. We’ve designed an online experience that combines creative exercises and discussion with music, illustration, film, poetry, and original art.

For three weeks, you’ll join a small group as we learn:

  • About ourselves

    What possibilities are uniquely ours to pursue? What shifts do we need to make in order to do work that has great impact, while also honoring our true selves?

  • About each other

    What possibilities exist within this group, based on the unique people within it? How can we build deep, meaningful relationships on an individual level?

  • About community

    How can we know and be known in the context of community? How can we use this community to provoke and sustain each other’s idealism?

The story

The adventure starts with a story.

Let us tell you a story

The community

The best communities are living, breathing organisms formed around strong, shared values that help bring out the best in each individual.

The &yet Community is where we’ll live out what we’ve learned to nurture the possibility planted inside each one of us, creating and exploring together.

After your adventure, your small group will join the larger community, where we’ll:

  • Be known, accepted, and encouraged as whole people
  • Confront each other with possibility
  • Regularly share what we’re doing to pursue our possibilities
  • Collaborate where our possibilities overlap

This is an experience—not another slack or a mailing list.

Some of the artists involved in this collaboration include:

Story and Community

Adam Brault
Adam Brault
Sarah Bray
Sarah Bray
Jenn Turner
Jenn Turner


Terry Carter
Terry Carter
Lynn Fisher
Lynn Fisher
Jaime Robles
Jaime Robles
Amy Lynn Taylor
Amy Lynn Taylor


Michael Garvin
Michael "Gar" Garvin
Alana Henderson
Alana Henderson
Ben Michel
Ben Michel
Michael Tormanen
Michael Tormanen


Katie Brault
Katie Brault
Corey Jenkins, Jr.
Corey Jenkins, Jr.
Jenna Tormanen
Jenna Tormanen

Choose your adventureChoose your adventure

$39 per month

Join the &yet Community by choosing the start date of the session you’d like to join.

But before you do, please read our Code of Conduct. Joining the community means you agree to uphold those standards, for the safety of everyone.

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If you are a person from an historically under-represented group and need a hand, we want to help! Check out the &yet Community Scholarship.

If you’re not sure, it’s easy to cancel your membership. You’ll be given a cancellation link you can use any time if you decide it’s not for you. Visit the FAQ if you're curious about anything in particular.

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Why this matters

The Internet has created the world’s most unsafe and heartless communities in the same place we’re building our society’s future.

Our most sensitive people, our most marginalized people—the people we need to lead us into a more empathetic future—are being crushed into the ground.

Is this the future we want to create?

We’re building a community of possibility for compassionate people—not as a refuge, but because we believe that by investing in the leadership of each individual person, we will create a different kind of future.

In the words of Tina Turner, we don’t need another hero.

We need entire armies of leaders. We believe tiny leaders build on tiny leaders to create tiny powerful fearless societies.

What will the future we create look like?What will the future we create look like?

This community will not be the same without you.

And we mean that in a very real sense. We strongly believe every new person should shape the community in some way, and we want you to be a part of it with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this community for?
We are an inclusive and diverse group of compassionate people with a variety of roles and backgrounds. We’re an eclectic assortment of designers, developers, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, business people, freelancers, scientists, musicians, engineers, hackers, photographers, non-profit folks…and on and on…who believe the world should be better and are determined to make it so.

Do you have a code of conduct?
Yes! Joining the community means that you agree to abide by our code of conduct to help make this a safe place for everyone.

What is the time commitment?
The initial 3-week adventure includes a total of 4 - 6 hours of reading, listening, art, and activities. You’ll have a week before your adventure begins to get started, so the time commitment will be spread out over 4 weeks, and you can go at your own pace. After that, you’ll be brought into the larger community, where we will be exploring our individual and collective possibilities and creating out loud together.

What does the $39/month cost cover?
Your participation in the 3-week adventure, plus the costs of the ongoing community. Plus surprises. Of course.

Can I cancel anytime?
Yep. Anytime at all. We’ll give you a link that makes it easy.

What kind of pizza do the folks at &yet like?
Pickleface obviously. 🍕

Anything else we can answer?

See you on the other side <3