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Whether you already know what projects you need help with, or you’re wanting a fresh, third-party perspective, a cold read assessment is where we start 97% of the time.

Do you know why growing a committed, enthusiastic customer base of the exact right people you want to reach is hard? It’s not because you can’t get enough eyeballs on your message; you can pay for that. It’s not because of a lack of ideas; ideas are cheap and everywhere, and even good ones fail.

It’s because of the things you can’t pay for. Customers eagerly anticipating whatever you’re making next, not even knowing what it is. Genuine, spontaneous referrals in coffee shops, on planes, in team standups. The feeling that “I would go with this product over all others, even if it costs me twice as much.”

How does that happen?

The answer is nuanced and unique for every situation (and by the way, we talk about it in our newsletter every week). But your answer can only be found in the relationship between you and your customers (and your past and potential customers). How intentional you are about that relationship determines whether your future involves chasing after the right customers or having the right customers chasing after you.

Strengthening your customer relationships starts with assessing where you’re at now, as well as where you want to be

That’s why we start with a cold read assessment.

We’ve designed our cold read assessment to help us internalize your goals and give you our “first impression” perspective on your business growth (both what you’re doing now, and what we see as your highest potential areas for impact).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Project kick-off

    We meet with decision-makers on your team via video chat so everyone can get familiar with each other’s roles and clarify the goals of the cold read.

  2. Gather information and assets

    Our team of strategic, design, UX, and developer experts will give you a list of assets and information for us to look at before you’ve had a chance to explain it to us. These will include information on problems, goals, future plans, brand assets, customers, competition, inbound and outbound marketing systems, sales systems, and metrics that are meaningful to your organization.

  3. Compile an initial cold read report and meet with you about our findings

    We’ll go over the information and assets you’ve provided and compile a report giving detailed first impression feedback.

  4. Have a conversation to get your feedback and answers to our questions

    This is to give more context to fill in the gaps in our first impression understanding.

  5. Send our final report, including a rough scope of recommendations

    At this point, our report will include the additional context you’ve given, as well our recommendations and a rough scope for executing those.

  6. Meet with you to flesh out the scope and discuss next steps

    We can do this synchronously or asynchronously, whatever works for you.

The cost for our cold read assessment is $10K. We take an intensive, deep dive approach that gives us a turnaround time that can be as fast as a week from when we receive your information and assets (we say “as fast as” because some of that depends on your availability).

After that, we execute!

We’re an eclectic group of veteran strategists, designers, developers, and more. We’d love to help you execute the ideas and plans we’ve come up with in any of the following areas.




UI/UX Design

Branding &





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Questions we’ve heard before

We get the value of in-depth consulting engagements, but we’ve got a lot to do and don’t want to waste time spinning our wheels.

We get it, and we’re not trying to re-invent the wheel here. Our goal is to internalize your goals so our ideas and recommendations are based on a deep understanding of your business and what you’ve learned and tried before. This is the best way we know to make your problem our problem. We approach it in a deeply focused way so that we can be intentional while making sure we’re not spending 3 months strategizing when we could be making progress.

We’ve worked with consultants before, and they either wanted us to change everything we’re doing or gave us the same advice we’ve heard (and tried) a thousand times before.

We’re not in the advice-giving business; we’re in the problem-solving business. We don’t believe in easy answers or quick fixes or that what you need is someone who is more of an expert on your business than you are. We are here to listen and observe carefully, get to know you and your business, share our observations and ideas with you, and collaborate to find the best path to reach your goals.

We already know the projects we need help with; can you skip the assessment and help with those?

We certainly can do that, if you’ve already got a clear scope of what you want to do. But at the very least, we recommend talking to us to see if an assessment might help you reach your goals more effectively.

The $10K investment for the assessment is very clear, but what can we expect to invest for the execution of the priorities we decide on?

The truest (and, we realize, most frustrating) answer we can give you is “it depends”. Depending on how we collectively decide to achieve your goals, you could spend as little as $30K or as much as $100K or even more. The difference is really about scale and impact.

You set the budget, and you are the driver of those decisions. We’re not going to push for the most expensive option; we’re going to push for what we think is the best way to achieve your goals within the budget you give us. If your budget isn’t set in stone, we can give you comparative recommendations at different budget points as part of our assessment so you can see what we’d see as the difference in priority, scope, and impact of each.

Some great folks we’ve worked with

“Working with &yet is always a delightful experience. You want them on your team.”

Allen Pike, Steamclock Software

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